Friday, July 13, 2007

Iced Mochachino

The hottest days of summers have ended with Matt coming home from work and requesting one of these babies. For a while there, he had a blender full every day of the week!

I don't like coffee, so I relied on Matt's tastebuds to give or take. Without fail, after the first sip a long, drawn out sign would escape his lips.

If you like coffee, try it.

If you don't...try it anyway. You might surprise yourself.

Add 1/2 c. coffee (I use the leftovers in the pot)
1 cup milk
4 heaping T. cappuchino mix
8 or so icecubes
1 small splash (1 t.) vanilla

Put all ingredients in the blender and put on ice crush setting. It is the tastiest with bitty ice chunks still in it.

Drink as is, OR make things SUPER fancy by topping with whipped cream and drizzling with caramel sauce.

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