Friday, September 28, 2007

Scrumdidllyumptious Company Icecream

A NEW version of coffee cake, this dessert pleases adult and children alike! It is perfect for company because you can make it the night before (or MONTHS before!) and freeze. Perfect to stock in your freezer for unexpected company as well!

It is made from chocolate and coffee icecreams-with crunchy cookie layers to boot!

To make this elaborate-looking but super simple (my FAVORITE kind!) dessert, you'll need:

1 pkg. Macaroon Cookies
2 Qt. chocolate ice cream
2 Qt. Coffee ice cream
1 cup hot fudge
1/2 cup heath (or toffee) pieces.

Crumble the cookies into pieces-larger chunks are perfectly acceptable-we are, after all, going for simplicity!

Grease a springboard pan and then sprinkle a thin layer of the cookies on bottom.

Spread 2 cups of coffee icecream on top of that. (This is the hardest part as the cookies and icecream sort of spread around at first).

Then spread 2 cups of chocolate icecream.

Then sprinkle another layer of cookie.

Then coffee.

Then chocolate.

Then cookie.

Then coffee.

Then chocolate.

Until all your stuff is used up.

Once there is not a millimeter left from the top of your springboard pan, sprinkle heath pieces all over the top.

Wrap up or bag (those HUGE gallon sized Freezer bags sure do come in handy!!!) and freeze.

Once company comes, slice it up and pour hotfudge on top.

This makes a pretty large icecream cake-so don't plan on making it for your sweetheart and eating the whole thing right away. It might take a few days... ;-)

For the record-I don't like coffee or the taste of coffee. But I LOVE this....

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Mandie said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I think I could use a slice of this right now. Looking at it has made me so hungry. *Drool...*