Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pumpkin Dip with Gingersnap Dippers

People who do not like gingersnaps have raved over this.

People who don't like pumpkin have too.

So-if you don't like either of these flavors, perhaps you shouldn't make it. Or maybe, you might be surprised. You decide.

But it is a great party dip-especially during this time of year.

Oh-and it's easy as pie.



1 pkg. cream cheese, softened
2 cups confectioners sugar
1 c. canned pumpkin
1/2 c. sour cream
1 t. each: cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice
1/2 t. ginger

Cream confectioners' sugar and softened cream cheese until smooth. Add the rest of the ingredients and refridgerate until needed. Serve with gingersnaps.

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Mandie said...

Will you marry me? (I love gingersnaps)

I think I will make this for my Pampered Chef party thing...

Rebecca said...

ha ha ha! I love it! You crack me up, Missy.

Heather said...

What size is your one package of cream cheese?

Rebecca said...

Sorry Heather, I should have caught that long before...

I used an 8 oz. package