Monday, July 26, 2010

Tomato Sandwich NON-recipe

I hate cookbooks that print glaringly obvious foods and tout them as "recipes". That said, it can be inspiring to get new, fresh ideas for how to serve food because sometimes, let's face it~we don't think of these things ourselves.

I post this here but I declare it a NON recipe, just in case you have never tried the most delicious Tomato and Sugar Sandwich. I must needs get converts. I must lure you to the OTHER side.

I must warn you though: Do not eat these in winter with those cardboard tomatoes that are shipped green and somehow pass as food. These are a SUMMERTIME treat, meant to be eaten with garden tomatoes.

You know, the kind that TASTE like something.

Simply toast your favorite bread and butter. Slice up some delectable tomatoes and sprinkle with sugar. Not too much, just enough to sweeten (and bring out the amazing flavor). Top and snarf.

See? No recipe here. Just sheer garden bliss on a sandwich.


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