Friday, August 31, 2007

Pickled Eggs

Here's the thing: the term "PICKLED EGGS" just doesn't CUT it with these guys. Corynn refers to them as 'pink eggs' which, really, is MORE descriptive because 'pickled' doesn't describe them at all. They are sweet and cinnamony, not overly sour.

15 oz. can beet juice
1/4 c. brown sugar
1/2c. white vinegar
1/2 c. cold water
1/2 t. salt
4 whole cloves
1 small cinnamon stick
6 hard-cooked eggs

Mix all ingredients in a saucepan and heat over medium heat for about five minutes... then cool. Pour over hard boiled eggs.

Eggs need to cure for five days for peak taste.

And it is peak.

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LBP said...

Rebecca! I thought we were the only ones who made these eggs! However, we only make them at Easter for some reason. It;s a family traditional that's been passed down thru at least 4 generations along with the glass conatiner that my great grandmother used for hers.

Love you recipes and will definitely make the chicken if I can find the cheese.


Rebecca said...

Linda~Oh-I am jealous of your container! What a neat thing! I am using a recycled HUGE pickle jar that I bought more for the jar than the pickle a few years ago. Since canning my own pickles, I can't go back to store bought! :-)

The cheese I found was at Walmart. Close to the deli section is a small refridgerated area that holds specialty cheeses, and some special prepared foods. THat is where I found it, in case you are interested! :-)