Thursday, May 22, 2008

Strawberry Lemonade

You know, it really isn't THAT much harder to make beverages FROM SCRATCH versus mixing a few glubs of powder into water. Really. It isn't.

And REALLY! It tastes SO much more refreshing. And it costs less. And it is healthier to use 'real stuff'. AND, it is way more elegant to say "Ah yes, Dah-ling. But of course this is made from scratch!" than to say, " Yup. I just threw a few bits of powder har and added water ober dar. You got a problem wid it? hehe. Totally joking, of course, on the last bit.

But. If ever you DO want to try something a bit more exotic, than I am sure you will find the results worthwhile.

First, put about 1 or 2 cups water in a saucepan and turn that baby up full throttle until the water boils. When that happens, add two cup of sugar and remove from heat: stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Put into a gallon pitcher and add 2 cups lemon juice. If you were to add the rest of the water now, you'd get yourself some right tasty, Plain 'Ole Lemonade. But. We want strawberries to perk it up a bit.

Next: Take a bag of frozen strawberries, and defrost half of them, then blend them to a PULP with your blender.

Add the pureed strawberries to the pitcher and mix, then fill the Gallon jug up with cold water and maybe a few icecubes (if you want.)

Then-take another pitcher or jug and pour your Strawberry Lemonade slowly through a fine mesh strainer into the serving pitcher or jug. This will strain out the seeds and large bits of pulp to give you a nice, smooth, refreshing drink.

Mmm Mmm Good.
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I'm so lazy... I love cool aid, and jucies in the cartons, and soda drinks in the can...

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